A customer who plans to install a staircase should:

  1. Come up with an initial vision of his/her staircase, i.e. what should the shape of the staircase be, what materials should be used. This can be done by consulting with an architect, visiting our company’s website and / or talking to us and taking a look at various home interior magazines.
  2. Find out the basic measurements: height between the floors, dimensions of the stairwell opening for the staircase, ceiling thickness, position of the walls, windows and openings in the staircase area.
  3. Contact our company, where qualified managers will prepare possible options for your staircase, using special software. Our staff will help you choose the most appropriate option and arrange a list of materials to be used. In line with the data received, we will calculate the cost as well as the stages and times for designing, producing and assembling the staircase.
  4. Depending on the project, technical solutions are agreed with the designers, the price is calculated and the order is signed together with the deposit.
  5. When all of the above is completed, the working project is prepared and the production begins.

To retain the quality of the staircase during assembly as well as to avoid damage to the finish of a room, it is recommended to assemble the staircase towards the end of finishing works or before the last painting of walls. When all of the work is finished, the staircase is handed over to the customer.




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